MiDas eCLASS for Students  -   Home Edition

Curriculum Based Animated Interactive Games

There are number of advantages that can benefit students from achieving higher goals for their future. MiDas eCLASS provides a stepwise learning process through planning. It also brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms. MiDas eCLASS makes learning an exciting and fun-filled experience for students.

Our software enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class. Nevertheless, the animated content also enhances academic cognition and performance of students. The possibilities are endless for a student to learn through MiDas eCLASS and we have added platforms where they can enjoy the content and learn at the same time.

Learn On Computers

Our MiDas eCLASS - Home Edition library contains all the animated interactive games that are installed on the desktop or laptop and students can study from MiDas eCLASS software anytime and as many times they want. Interactive learning would be a click way from student who possess a desktop or laptop.

Learn on Tablets PC

MiDas eCLASS - Home Edition can now be installed and accessed on the go. We have developed an app for portable Android tablets.

Demo Videos