MiDas eCLASS for Schools   -   School Edition

Curriculum Based Animated Interactive Audio Visual Contents

MiDas eCLASS has been providing our clients with many features that have helped them develop a better learning environment within their schools. In addition to the software, we also provide training upon additional charge. The training will provide you information about the software and its various usages. Furthermore, the software is guided with virtual system that improves user interaction with the software.

Once we receive request for training on MiDas eCLASS, our trainers will guide you on how to use the software to provide students with vast repository of digital materials (Animated audiovisual teaching / learning slides and Interactive teaching / learning games). Training will be conducted in according to teachers’ need and convenience.

We have prepared a complete documentation for the product. Once you purchase the software, we will provide you the complete documentation with the software.

Individual Version

Individual version of MiDas eCLASS is tailored for schools with limited budget and wants to implement MiDas eCLASS with just one set of required equipment. Once the equipment has been setup, our technicians will install MiDas eCLASS software containing the entire curriculum based animated interactive audiovisual contents for school. In order to use the individual version of MiDas eCLASS in an effective way, a routine could be set for each class based on the subject and days of the week to allow all students of all classes to be able to enjoy the effective way of learning.

Server Version

MiDas eCLASS server version was created with a concept of providing MiDas eCLASS software to multiple computers in school. Therefore, a school with a local area network setup can utilize the MiDas eCLASS server version and provide the entire curriculum based animated interactive audiovisual contents to each and every computer inside the school. This solution is suitable for schools with two or more computers inside the school.

Computer Lab Version

Computer Lab Version of MiDas eCLASS is a stepped down version of full software that contains games designed for practice purpose. It is best suited for schools with more than 5 computers or a computer lab and wants to provide self practice lessons to the students inside the school. This version will not contain any of our theoretical part of the software.

Demo Videos