MiDas eCLASS for Coaching Classes

MiDas Education has started providing e-learning platform to different coaching institutes through MiDas eCLASS. The main aim of a coaching class is to give personal attention to a small group of students, with the help of the e-learning technology in the classes the teachers can explain and make learning in a very easy and simplistic manner. With the added examples in MiDas eCLASS content the teacher can talk about various things other than the textbox. Another main purpose is to bring the whole class live by engaging all the students in the class.

Individual Version

Individual version of MiDas eCLASS is tailored for coaching classes with limited budget and wants to implement MiDas eCLASS with just one set of required equipment. Once the equipment has been setup, our technicians will install MiDas eCLASS software containing the entire curriculum based animated interactive audiovisual contents for coaching class. In order to use the individual version of MiDas eCLASS in an effective way, a routine could be set for each class based on the subject and days of the week to allow all students of all classes to be able to enjoy the effective way of learning.

Server Version

Server version is a unique way to provide our MiDas eCLASS contents in a coaching class. We will setup MiDas eCLASS on a server computer with MiDas eCLASS software which can be access by other computer through a wired or wireless network available. In this version, there will be no need to install the software in each computer. Everything will be present and handled by the server computer.

Demo Videos