What is MiDas eCLASS ?

MiDas eCLASS is an animated, interactive audio-visual teaching and learning software that empowers teachers and inspires students. One of the best features of MiDas eCLASS is its close tie with the syllabus of the curriculum. Another important feature of MiDas eCLASS is its ease to use for learning. The software can easily be downloaded from our server and installed using our documentation provided with the software. Furthermore, it can easily be used at home by downloading the software provided from MiDas website in Personal Computers, Laptops and Android based Tablet PC.

The software facilitates teachers to better explain complex concepts so that students understand their lesson and retain the information gained for a long period of time. Teachers can teach by making the classroom appealing to the students.

In addition, it enables teachers to transform traditional chalk and board classroom into an interactive environment. On the other hand, MiDas eCLASS provides holistic learning experience for students through its animated audio-visual contents. Students can engage themselves into a connected learning environment that can help them learn much more compared to traditional learning. MiDas eCLASS also inspires students to learn their content due to its entertaining animated learning materials.

Before stepping into the benefits of MiDas eCLASS, the main question is why audio-visual.

Why Audio visual?

Why is audio-visual so important in learning that we cannot get from traditional learning? We need to understand some of the facts about audio-visual learning such as:

  • Visual perception contributes to about 90% to all human learning.
  • Only 8% information going to brain is through ears.
  • Only 2% information going to brain is through other senses.

We can conclude that the most effective learning pathway for a student is through audio-visual learning. In addition, a normal student can only have an average of 20 min attention span. Therefore, audio-visuals learning will lead to utilization of more no. of senses ultimately resulting to a better learning.

Why MiDas eCLASS?

MiDas eCLASS provides student with animated audio-visual content that stimulates their visual and hearing senses leading to a much more comprehensive understanding. Once students starts grasping the key concept taught in the class, the entire classroom experience become more productive. It also assists teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class. Due to MiDas eCLASS, both teachers and students can decide his/her own pace of learning or teaching giving them much more flexibility.

Special Education Students

Students with special needs often require information to be presented to them in several different formats before they can adequately understand a concept or process information. Playing a book on tape while simultaneously reading together in class is a good way to reinforce material. Videos that deal with the targeted subject matter can be shown afterwards to further enhanced learning.

MiDas eCLASS   -   School Edition

MiDas eCLASS   -   School Edition is our premium package only available for schools. The package will contain everything including curriculum based animated videos, games and teaching assistance for teachers.

MiDas eCLASS   -   Home Edition

MiDas eCLASS   -   Home Edition for students will contain a student oriented based package that contains curriculum based interactive audiovisual games for learning. It can be used by learners anywhere and anytime provided that they have the necessary equipment e.g. laptop or tablet. 

Demo Videos