About Us

MiDas Education, a unit of MiDas Group, was found with a vision to create an interactive learning material for children. Theoretical learning has prevailed the society for a long time. Children’s are lacking behind in terms of audio visual information. Education system throughout the world is changing rapidly. With the increasing change, learning process for us has changed drastically. 10 years ago, electronic learning was not even an option for schools. However, time has changed and learning through animated videos and audios have been adopted by many schools and colleges around the world. Therefore, MiDas education has been working on making the notion of e-learning possible in countries like Nepal through software like MiDas eCLASS. Our vision is to reach as many students as possible to provide them with better education with our animated learning software.

Inside MiDas, we are dedicated to creating an efficient environment for our clients to implement our products and to improvise the quality of the products. Our lead software developers are one of the best in the industry who takes into consideration of each and every feedback from our clients to improvise the quality of the software. In addition, they deliver consistently superior quality software updates every month that continually exceed our client’s expectations. Most of us have a background in education, with a deep commitment to learn and teach, to help schools, teachers, students, governments, and other stakeholders improve the education scenario by using technology.

Our sales professionals are consultative in their approach to ensure that MiDas eCLASS is designed for maximum impact for each client. Our facilitators brings it all together for an end-to-end seamless experience for our clients by providing them necessary training about the software. In addition, our facilitators and technician give onsite technical help for our clients whenever necessary.